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Shereta's dedication to herself and us inspires me to keep challenging myself and to do it with a smile.
[expand title="Read More" swaptitle="Close"]Her approach to fitness is fun, inspirational, and you're guaranteed to feel like a rock star. Each day she brings her best and she expects the best out of you...she keeps you excited about keeping strong every week, month, and year to year.[/expand]


Shereta is an inspiration in so many ways including fitness.
[expand title="Read More" swaptitle="Close"]She provides the patience, strength, and expertise to see that everyone gets the proper workout they deserve and can achieve. Her sense of humor and determination to push me beyond my physical limits starts my day in a beautiful way that always clears my head for a new start. I can’t thank her enough for keeping this a consistently positive part of my life. She is truly an INCREDIBLE fitness instructor.[/expand]


Shereta is an amazing fitness instructor I have been taking her definitions class for over 6 years.
[expand title="Read More" swaptitle="Close"]Not only has she helped me achieve my fitness goals she’s helped me make fitness a lifestyle I look forward to her classes she keeps it fresh, new and interesting all the time, you never know what to expect from her which is good because you will never plateau in her class. She’s amazing in keeping all her students motivated and she always gives 100% of herself to her students. I always recommend everyone to try her class.[/expand]


Shereta has been a friend and instructor of mine for six years.
[expand title="Read More" swaptitle="Close"]We first met in her AM Definitions class in 2008 at Sony Pictures Athletic Club. The enthusiasm and positive attitude that she showed throughout the workout were infectious, and she made everyone around her better. She is my motivation on a daily basis, she keeps me on track with health and fitness, and she is always willing to push me just a little further for my own good. She has not only been there for me as a fitness guru, but also as a spiritual mentor.

In the years that I have been acquainted with her, Shereta has shown herself to be a good-natured person as well as a highly energized motivator. The opportunity to learn and grow in an environment is easily attainable for Shereta and she is fluid and flexible to being an instructor at several types of facilities.

Shereta is an incredibly loyal friend, and I am confident that awarding her with this prize would help meet her full potential. I am also positive that she would open many doors with this award to help others along their fitness path. I appreciate your request and your time.[/expand]


Seeing Shereta instructing a fitness class is seeing someone do what she truly loves and was called to do.
[expand title="Read More" swaptitle="Close"]I have been taking Shereta’s class for almost 6 years now. Whenever someone asks me why I stick with her class I simply say its because she changed my life. She taught me that fitness is truly a lifestyle choice and that it encompasses not only the physical well being but the mental and spiritual well being also. As an instructor she does a great job at encouraging all those who participate in her classes no matter what level of fitness they may have. Her high energy personality, sense of humor and willingness to learn the names of her “students” are just some of the ways she shows how invested she is in the personal fitness journey of each individual. One of my favorite things Shereta does during the cool down portion of class is when she asks us all to take a moment and simply be grateful for what our bodies can do. We may not be able run as fast or hold a plank for as long as the person next to us, but we should appreciate the fact that we were able to attempt those things at all. That attitude of gratitude is something we should all be reminded of and not take for granted because it is just as important as our physical health. Shereta Middleton is indeed an incredible fitness instructor…for these reasons and so many more.[/expand]


have had the pleasure of participating in Shereta Hill’s Definitions classes since 2009.
[expand title="Read More" swaptitle="Close"]When I started her class, I had not been very active for several years and was trying to get in shape for a dream trip to walk across England. Shereta’s enthusiasm, energy and support were instrumental to achieving my goal. One year later, I walked 200 miles across England in 14 days and could never have done it without Shereta’s help. Almost five years later and I continue to take her class twice a week and I love it! Shereta’s attitude and approach to health, training and life is inspiring and motivating. Shereta is always coming up with new drills, moves, and exercises to challenge us. We get a total workout, cardio and weights, building strength and stability. Shereta challenges us to push ourselves, to go that extra bit and she does that through tough love, personal encouragement and always lots of laughter. Shereta takes an interest in her students and that shows. Shereta is not content to stay still, she is always learning and brings her learning to her classes, introducing new elements to her instruction, switching things up so that the class is never the same, never boring, never routine.

So, in short, what makes Shereta incredible?
  • Enthusiasm
  • Positive Energy
  • Love
  • Faith
  • Encouragement
  • Laughter
  • Joy
  • Dedication
  • Constant learning
  • Inspiring
  • Motivating


Shereta Hill Middleton is the definition of not only an amazing instructor but an amazing person.
[expand title="Read More" swaptitle="Close"]Over the past 4 years, Shereta has been an integral part of my growth in making fitness a way of life. She inspires me to remain confident and has pushed me to levels that I never thought possible. She maintains a professional environment and updates her classes and routines so we never plateau. Her positivity, sense of humor and inspiration is a true gift and I’m so appreciative she shares it with all of us.[/expand]